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Selecting a New Furnace

Selecting a New Furnace | St. Louis Heating Company

Buying a new furnace can be easy when you have the right guidance to help. At Inman Air, our skilled and trained professionals can help you to evaluate your needs and select the best furnace for your home or building. We will work with commercial clients, homeowners, and landlords throughout the St. Louis area to determine which new furnace or boiler is the best option. We also sell and install new furnaces and boilers in all makes and models including gas furnaces, electric furnaces, energy efficient furnaces, steam boilers, and hot water boilers.

For customized, professional advice and a free evaluation of your needs in order to help you select the best new furnace or boiler, please contact our St. Louis heating and air conditioning company.

Buying the Best New Furnace

When selecting a new furnace for your home or building, you will want to consider a number of important factors including size, air quality, energy efficiency, and moisture control. Each of these factors will help you determine which new furnace is the best option for your particular needs. With careful consideration of these factors and help from professionals, you can easily select the best new furnace or boiler that will provide you heat and comfort for years to come.

Several important factors when selecting the best new furnace include:

  • Size: Proper sizing of your furnace or boiler is one of the most important factors when buying a new furnace or boiler, and this is especially important in St. Louis with our unpredictable winters. A unit that is too small will not provide enough heat on the coldest days, while a new furnace that is too big will be expensive to buy and operate, as it will not work at peak efficiency. It requires a thorough and careful analysis of your home’s efficiency, design, and insulation to determine the best size new furnace for your needs.
  • Air Quality Requirements: If any of your family members suffer from allergies, respiratory issues, or other health problems or if you have pets or smoke in your home, you will want to pay special attention to air quality when selecting your new furnace. Some furnaces and other available components meet higher air filtration standards, which allows them clean the air better and maintain good indoor air quality.
  • Moisture Control: If you or any of your family members tend to suffer from dry skin or scalp, furnaces that control moisture levels can help improve comfort by adding much needed moisture to dry winter air.
  • Energy Efficiency: When buying your new furnace, you can choose to purchase a standard furnace or boiler or a new energy efficient model. Energy efficient furnaces and boilers have a higher initial cost, however, they can save money in the long term with lower operating costs. Standard furnaces are less efficient to operate, but they are affordable options because of the low initial cost. With the trend toward being more environmentally conscious and the rising costs for oil and gas prices, many individuals are choosing high efficiency systems when buying a new furnace or boiler.

For more information on selecting the best new furnace or boiler for your needs, please contact our St. Louis heating and air conditioning company. Our trained professionals can meet with you to review your particular needs and discuss your options.

We Make Buying a New Furnace Easy

At Bart Inman Air in St. Louis, we make selecting and buying your new furnace easy. Our skilled technicians can meet with you to help you select the best new furnace or boiler for your needs. We will review a number of aspects when recommending the best new furnace including size requirements, price range, and energy efficiency requirements. With our St. Louis new furnace sales, we can sell and install any type of furnaces and heating systems from nearly any manufacturer.

Contact our heating and cooling company today for help selecting the best new furnace and for all of your St. Louis heating and cooling needs.

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