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Heating System Maintenance: Why Regular Heating Maintenance & Cleaning is Important

St. Louis Heating Maintenace Services | Bart Inman Air

Performing regular preventative maintenance and cleaning for your heating system is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure that your system operates efficiently and reliably. You can think of regular heating maintenance like a tune-up for your car. Most people easily recognize that if a car’s engine is never tuned up and the oil is not changed regularly that the car is more likely to break down sooner. Similarly, regular heating system maintenance for your furnace or boiler will ensure that all parts are properly cleaned and lubricated and are operating as safe and efficiently as possible.

Regular heating system maintenance is important, as it will:

  • Improve heating system efficiency and performance: A properly cleaned and maintained heating system will operate at the highest efficiency and performance levels. This will ensure comfort during any weather conditions and prevent unexpected breakdowns.
  • Reduce heating system operating costs: Performing regular maintenance on your heating system will allow the entire system to operate more efficiently and effectively. This can reduce operating costs by allowing your system to produce the same heat while running less.
  • Prevent expensive problems and breakdowns: Regularly cleaning and maintaining your heating system will ensure that all components are working properly and can help to recognize small issues before they become major problems. During regular maintenance and cleaning services, professionals can recognize the warning signs of part deterioration and can perform the necessary repairs. This can prevent expensive heating system breakdowns and reduce the chances of having to entirely replace your heating system.
  • Keep your heating system under warranty: While all manufacturers recommend routine maintenance and cleaning for your heating system, some manufacturers’ warranties actually require professional maintenance and cleaning in order for warranties to apply. Therefore, the small investment in regular professional heating system maintenance can result in significant cost savings should repairs be necessary. Since some manufacturers require proof of service, remember to keep all of your receipts for professional maintenance and cleaning services performed.
  • Prolong heating system lifespan: As with any equipment, properly maintaining your heating system with regular maintenance and service will help ensure that the system works properly for years to come and can extend the life of your heating system. Therefore, heating system maintenance will prevent the need for prematurely replacing broken heating systems.

St. Louis Heating System Maintenance Services

At Bart Inman Air in St. Louis, we offer heating maintenance services for furnaces and boilers. With these heating services, we can clean, repair, and maintain your heating system in order to ensure proper performance. Our regular maintenance services can extend the life of your system and help keep your furnace or boiler working properly for years to come. Even with regular maintenance and proper cleaning, your heating system may still require simple repairs to work at peak efficiency. Therefore, we also offer 24-hour repair services for emergency situations when your heating system breaks during the coldest week of the winter.

To learn more about our furnace repair and maintenance services and our boiler repair and maintenance services, please contact our St. Louis heating and air conditioning company.

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