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Choosing the Best Furnace for St. Louis Winters

Choosing a New Furnace | St. Louis Heating Company

St. Louis winters can be extremely unpredictable going from pleasant to dangerously cold almost overnight. Therefore, it is important to have a reliable and efficient furnace that can stand up to the St. Louis winters and keep you warm and comfortable throughout the season.

When you are buying a new furnace, you will have a number of different options to consider including the type of furnace or heating system as well as the size or capacity of the system. At Inman Air, we supply and install furnaces from any manufacturer including a wide range of styles and models. For help selecting the best heating system or furnace for your St. Louis home or commercial building, please contact our heating and air conditioning company online or by phone at (314) 293-2600.

Types of Furnaces for St. Louis

There are several main types of furnaces available for you to choose from when selecting a new furnace for your St. Louis home or commercial building. The most common types of heating units and furnaces available include:

  • Gas Burning Furnaces: Gas and fuel burning furnaces are central warm-air furnaces that burn natural gas or propane inside of an enclosed metal box, or heat exchanger. The heat from this is then circulated throughout the living area. These furnaces are the most common types of heaters used in St. Louis homes.
  • Energy Efficient Furnaces: New energy efficient furnaces operate more efficiently than traditional furnaces and heaters, which allows them to offer significant energy and cost savings over the life of the system. These systems can even keep your St. Louis home more comfortable with consistent heating.
  • Electric Furnaces: Electric furnaces can be expensive to operate throughout an entire home. They use heated coils in combination with a blower to circulate heat around a room.
  • Heat Pumps: Heat pumps work by transferring hot air into or out of a room. These can be used for heating or cooling a home, but offer less dramatic results than other heating or cooling options.
  • Gravity Furnaces: These are typically found in older homes or used as single room heaters. They are not a very efficient heating method as they rely on the fact that heated air rises and cooler air falls in order to circulate the heat produced.
  • Other Heating Options: Other possible options for heating include radiant heat, which is in floor heating that can efficiently heat even larger rooms, as well as boilers that use heated steam or hot water to spread heat throughout a home or building.

Choosing the Best Furnace

When selecting the best furnace for your St. Louis home or building, you will need to base your decision on several factors in order to select the best option. The first factor affecting your choice of furnace for a St. Louis winter is the type of heating system for which your home is currently set up. If your home currently uses an electric furnace and you prefer a gas furnace, you will have to find out if this is possible. It may be very costly or impossible to run a gas or fuel line for your furnace. Additionally, if your home is currently set up with boiler heating, switching over to a furnace may require major renovations. In new homes, you will have the most options or choices available to you when selecting a furnace.

The second factor to consider when buying a furnace in St. Louis is the capacity or total heat output you that you will need. It is important to buy a furnace that is large enough to heat your home, but not too large so that it runs inefficiently. This is affected by the size of your home or building as well as the overall efficiency of your home including how much heat escapes through windows, door seals, and the attic.

Learn more about Selecting a New Furnace.

St. Louis Furnace Sales and Installation

At Bart Inman Air in St. Louis, we can help you consider your options and needs in order to select the best furnace for your home or commercial building. With a variety of furnace options available to our St. Louis clients, we can supply and install the perfect furnace to keep you warm and comfortable all winter long.

After installing your new furnace, we offer annual maintenance, cleaning, and repair services to keep your new furnace working properly and efficiently for years to come.

To learn more about our furnace installation services and for assistance from our certified technicians to select the best furnace or heating system for your St. Louis home, please contact our St. Louis heating and air conditioning company.

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