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Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips from Your St. Louis MO Cooling Experts

Air Conditioning maintenance tips

It is that time of year again where the sun can bring both fun times and misery. You wonder whether this is the summer that your air conditioner will finally give up and leave you in the sweltering heat. Unfortunately, you could be the cause of your air conditioning unit breaking. Did you know that you could be mistreating your air conditioner? Here are a few tips to help increase your unit’s lifespan:

  • Do not turn off your air conditioner when you leave your home. You may think that when you come home to turn it back on that your unit will cool your home down right away, but the truth is that it will not happen anytime soon. This will actually keep your home from being cool for several hours. To prevent your home from being uncomfortable, set your temperature up five to ten degrees. This will keep your unit from working harder and costing you more money.
  • NEVER turn your air conditioner on and off within five minutes apart. This can trip a breaker, short a fuse, or even cause permanent damage to your compressor.
  • Did you know that putting your air conditioner thermostat on AUTO could actually cost you more money? Instead, turn your thermostat to the ON position. This will run your indoor fan nonstop and keep the airflow constant in your home, keeping your home cooler. The constant fan will help maintain an even temperature throughout your home. You can even raise your temperature a couple degrees higher than normal and still keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Your outdoor condenser will not come on as much and you will end up saving money!
  • Keep your blinds, curtains and shades shut. By keeping the sunlight out, your air conditioner and fan can help to keep you feeling cool.
  • CLEAN your air filters. Air filters should be cleaned every 30 to 90 days for your unit to run efficiently. If you own any pets, you should be cleaning your filter at least once a month.

These are just a few ways to help run your air conditioning unit more efficiently. Ask our experts about what you can do to help prevent your air conditioner from breaking during the summer.

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